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About NiftyCORE


NiftyCORE started with a simple idea in mind.

Get the gear you need, with the quality you expect at prices that can’t be beaten! We are avid outdoor enthusiasts and so is our tribe. With each product we release, we take time to research and design every aspect before we even begin the manufacturing process.  We want to ensure that you will use our gear for years and that NiftyCORE will be at the core of your adventure and relaxation.

A Nifty Mission


Our Mission is to bring top quality, easy to use gear to the nifty people of the world at a price we can all afford.

The NiftyCORE Vision


Through meticulous product selection, NiftyCORE will steadily grow its line of available products to serve our community’s needs.  Do you think NiftyCORE needs to sell something new? Let us know on Instagram.


By choosing only the highest quality manufacturers with the best prices and guarantees, we keep our return rates low, our customer satisfaction high and our product line well curated.


We choose distribution channels that open the Nifty Life up to people who are already searching for us and those who haven’t yet discovered just how Nifty life can be.

Are you interested in Distributing NiftyCORE?  Send us an email to for more details.

We work with fun, curious and dedicated people who share our vision and believe in our mission.

Are you interested in working with NiftyCORE? Visit our “Work With US” page and see if we have a job that fits you!

Our CORE Values


How does one describe being nifty?



adjective, niftier, niftiest.

1. attractively stylish or smart: a nifty new dress for Easter.

2. very good; fine; excellent: a nifty idea.


You might think that nifty is a word from the simpler days of the 1950s, but we are in fact bringing Nifty back! With such a positive word describing how we live our lives and how we want you to live your life, you can see why we want this once lost word brought back into everyday life.  Smart, stylish, attractive and full of good ideas. That’s what being nifty means to us!


So whether you want to go to a relaxing beach or anywhere outdoors, your tumbler is filled with a fruit infusion keeping you refreshed after a nice long yoga session, if you are rocking your personality and your style in a positive way, you are being nifty!


If we didn’t focus on quality products, it would just be really un-nifty of us.  We want our tumblers to be made of real bamboo and stainless steel. at NiftyCORE we love quality products and wouldn’t give anything less to you.


Before we bring any product to our tribe, we design it with a long life in mind.  We don’t want your NiftyCORE products to ever let you down.


Having troubles with your product’s durability? Email us at so we can take care of it!


Being stylish and being Nifty just go hand in hand.  So whether your hand is holding our soft bamboo tumbler, or you are using any other NiftyCORE product, we want you to look cool while you’re at it.  Our rule is that if we are designing a product, it needs to fit our style.  Outdoor style.  NiftyCORE style. We hope it’s your style too.


Easy to pack, easy to use, easy to clean, at NiftyCORE our products just need to be…well, easy! You’ll never see us offering products that are over complicated or lack functionality.


We pride ourselves on offering products that provide a high level of value for a low price.

What good is a cheap product if it’s useless?

What good is a useful product if you can’t afford it?

If a NiftyCORE product can’t provide you real value, then we don’t want to provide it to you at all.

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