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Work with US

Calling All Influencers 

Are you looking for a chance to share some great gear with your followers? NiftyCORE believes heavily in the power of influencers to help us spread the good word of our products.  Get anything from discounted gear to free gear and all the way up to fantastic monetization with the NiftyCORE influencer program.  We want our products to be seen and used the world over.  If you think you have the following that NiftyCORE wants to connect with, then we invite you to reach out! We’d love to hear what you have in mind and we’d love to share our strategies with you.

How many of the following criteria do you meet?

    • At least 10 thousand followers
    • Mostly North American followers
    • Mostly between the ages of 19 & 39
    • A focus on healthy living
    • An active lifestyle reflected in your account
    • You are traveling to new and exciting places
    • You’d actually use our products in real life
    • You’re willing to take the time to set up some nice shots or videos of our products
    • Interested in giving us and your follower’s honest feedback

If you meet most of the above criteria, send us a message at to discuss the opportunity and why you think you’d be right for it.  In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our Instagram and let us know how you think we can make it better! Stay Nifty!

Digital Marketing Guru 

Can you envision a world where everybody has a NiftyCORE product in their house? Now can you actually make it happen? If you think that you have the capability to turn NiftyCORE into a top-selling, highly respected and highly profitable brand through the use of digital marketing, then we should probably talk.  NiftyCORE is a young company with a bright future and if you are the right marketing master for our mission, then we want to make your future as bright as ours.

What makes you the right fit?

If you are looking for the opportunity to grow a team under you and build yourself a C-level position inside of a young and growing company, then you just might be the right fit.

If you are easy to work with, demanding, detail oriented and very aware of the latest and greatest in the world of online marketing, then you might be the right fit.

If you have made other companies lots of money from your marketing efforts but now you want the chance to own a piece of the pie, then you might be the right fit.

If you really love cool gear and want to build a tribe of people who feel the same way you do, then you might be the right fit.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee and implement the design, development, and execution of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Manage targeting and segmentation of ideal audiences to ensure accurate delivery of campaign messaging.
  • Create reports, present results and give recommendations to our founder.
  • Support reporting systems with proper campaign tracking and campaign creation.

Basic Requirements:

  • 2 years of job-related experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, or another related field.
  • Strong hands-on experience using a Marketing Automation platform to build, deliver, and optimize B2C and influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Hands-on experience executing multi-step trigger campaigns, influencer campaigns, paid advertising campaigns and growth hacking.
  • Strong background in marketing analytics with the understanding of campaign testing, refinement, and optimization of digital campaigns to deliver exceptional results.
  • Knowledge of Web, social media, and content management technologies.